Browsing aroud, I found one of the most beautiful vidos i saw in the last months. Technically the realisation is simple, and follows my favorite idea of documentary videos: make the video as plain as simple as possible, have good lightning, good symbolism, and, alst but not least, insert some short video sippets explaining hte ideas, and picturing the sentencese in our subconciuois (a bit like the “Le Iene” interviews shown on Italia 1 here in Italy). But besides the technical discussions, i love the message[s] of the video: first the idea of peace, the idea that peace should be shown, and that you should give peace the cahnce and the visibility it needs. Then the idea that its possible to combine the opposites, to make the possible the impossible, and to bring together the invador and the invaded. Is there a more beautiful tought? The other message i really like is the streightness, the simplicity and the purposefulness of Steve. He had a vision, and he stood to it, and still stands to it, as long as it’s takes to realize his dreams.

Keep on going, Steve..