Per i miei cari lettori italiani, ecco cosa non vedrete mai in TV (un po datato ma vabbé):

And now for all of the foreign readers: first the above video is mostly spoken in english, so you should understand it. Ok, let’s come to my comments on this video: watch it with some facts in mind. This is italy, not Germany/France/USA/Great Britain/whatever. Here everything is done .. “all italiana”, the italian way. We have a (sadly) very true proverb: “Fatta la legge, trovato l’inganno”: as soon as the law is made, the whole in it is found. We have some really straordinary people in this country: great scientists, incredible police officers (worth of this name, persons who fight the mafia each day), advocats and public persecutors who risk their life by going against really powerful entities, journalists who risk even more by talking in public about all of the above. But we have many incredibly “wrong” persons, who blame the persons that get social support (and i admit it, I am partly one of thouse), but on their side have thousends if not even millinos of Euros of whom the “fisco”, the government, doesn’t know about. People that hire illegaly workers each day, without providing them any sort of security, of insurance or even of fixed minimal income. We have people that think that only because “everyone does it” they can break the law. If you go to the south of italy you see it: on every road, in every vilalge, everywhere. In the north (where i am from) you don’t see it, but its even there, even more then elsewhere. Rich “benevolent landlords” that nearly rule over most of north italy, small shop-owners that illigaly make thousands of euros each week. The italian government spends billions and more in terrorism prevention, but how many terroristic attacks have been made in italy: none. And just in 2008 the deads at work are more then 8000. When you watch the video, ignore the “leftist propaganda”, since here “left” and “right” are just empty boxes, lables applied to party’s in order to differentiate them, because (sadly) they have nearly the same plans, and (even more sadly) nearly no party realizes wath they plan. Left politicians talk about expelling rumens and chemically castrating rapers, while right politicians talk about “securing work places”, “having a minimum income”, “detaxing”, “detaxing”, “detaxing”, “detaxing”, “detaxing”, and.. “detaxing”. So if you see some “leftist” party, some flag of “leftist politicians”, you can exchange them with the equivallent right side. Her in italy, there’s no difference. If you see a peace flag, a Che Guevara image and a party called “La sinistra”, you can immagine that to beeing equal to a Benelli Flag, a image of Batista and a party called “La destra”. And protesters are by default “comunists”, or they are “nazists”, becaus everything thats not organized by a party is “comunist” by default and “nazists” if the protesters have shaved hair/svasticas on their flags (and on this you could write another book). So, by italian definition, i am a leftist radical, even a comunist. Simply because I don’t agree with any big party here. We are near to an important election, and nobody seems to know who will win. But it doesn’t really matter: Berlusconi, Veltroni, Casini: each one has its own great secrets. Only one thing is shure: Veltroni and Casini are powerless, mere ants in the comparison with the gigant Berlusconi, who controls the information in thsi country. There aren’t nearly any TV channels or journals that he can’t control or censor. Even school information is beeing more and more censored: i finished high school two years ago. Since there where some political debates runnign during the final examination, it was really probable that someone would write of politics in general and Berlusconi in particular. A rush law prevented this: it was not allowded to use the name of a politicas in an examination (wich was circumvented by using the “fictive politician” Bilvio Serlusconi on my side). Thats why you don’t hear anything about the “good guys” in italy: they flee. If they stay here, they have a short life. And so they flee to other countries. Long story short: when you watch this video, ignor the words “left” and “right”, as well as “comunist” and “fascist”. Try to focus on information and extract it. And then judge. By your own, without external influences.

For today I must quit, I’m off to bed now. Good night, and remember wath Vash tought us:

Peace and Love

grazie kefflash per l’ispirazione.