We have the first exit polls.

Il Popolo della Libertà 35
Partito Democratico 26,8
Lega Nord 9,6
Di Pietro-Italia dei Valori 8,3
Unione di Centro 6,4
Sinistra e Libertà-Fed. dei Verdi 3
Rif. Comunista-Sin. Europea-Com. Italiani 3,3
La destra-Mpa-Pensionati-All. di Centro 2,1
Lista Marco Pannella 3
Altre liste 2,5

Berlusconi won again, but I don’t know a single person (ok, I know ONE.. ) that did vote him…

In the TV, they made a big deal about a “incredible victory” of “papi”‘s party, but for me the victory isn’t that big.. I would rather say that they did a lot worse then expected (but more then I hoped for). So, we knew that the vast majority of the population did not know anything about the AK-47-wielding soldiers and toples underage girls in Villa Certosa, one of Berlusconi’s mansions, and the vast majority will not now in a forseeable future. Thanks to the incredible low educational standrds, most people only read local newspapers, because they don’t understand anything besides italian, and so they will never see indpendent articles written by the Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, die Zeit, El pais, Le Monde, or even the Pravda.  But nontheless, I would have guessed that at least a bigger chunk of Berlusconi’s voters would see what he is doing with our country, with our eductaion, our economiy, our environment, or even just with our girls.. but I guess I hoped for too much.

Now I go to sleep, hoping that tomorrow I wake up and the exit pools where compeltly wrong.. and the journalists that already claimed Berlusconi’s newest conquest fired.. but I guess it wil lremain a dream.

Keep peacful, but never forget..