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Original image by Andrew*

Original image by Andrew*

Since some weeks I’m learning Objective-C and the cocoa framework. I would prefer to stay in rubyland (I think ruby opens up incredible possibilities, and would really like to see it adopted more widely), but if I plan to code for Mac and iPhone I at least should know how Objective-C works. I’m still at the very beginnings of my journey to the fabolous world of nice windows, accelerometer-based controls and multitough gestures, I’m even far from doing something useful (probably because the only computer I have at the moment is a Pentium 4 with 256 MByte Ram.. adn thus I really cant bring myself to do some programming on it, since everything is so damn slow..), but I already saw the beauty of Objective-C.

Like mentioned before, I speak ruby. I like the idea that a high-level language takes care of all the bookkeeping, of all the non-buisness logic, and lets you focus on the real implementation (and here Java and Aspect-J already go a long way, as would C#, but I have no experience with the latter), and if I can choose I will always opt for the latter (having IronRuby working on the iPhone would make my day). Cleary, in my spare time I have nothing against programmin in assembly (Sometimes I even do it just for fun), brainfuck or even whitespace (latter is clearly hilarious to play around with), but when I have to get things done, I like to have powerful tools at my disposal, and I think ruby gets the job done in a really good way. Now that I’m seeing how Objective-C handles things, I think we have found a good golden mean: it offers most of the possibilities that a high-level language offers, without loosing control. Clearly, we#re far from a perfect language, but I can totally see why Objective-C is so widely used and accepted. For now i just tried my programs in virtualized Macs (and, as mentioned above, with my current PC that means I have a shitload of patience), but I’m planning to organize some Hackintosh (a real Mac is way beyond my budget) on which I can play around.

The only thing that bothers me is how to get Objective-C / cocoa applications cross-platform compatible and more secure (I’m still very new to secure coding). As soon as I find a way to achieve both of the above, there will be some nice tools I have in mind, so stay tuned!

Why infect Computers?

Why infect Computers?

This weekend I made a small experiment: I set up a small Karmetasploit box, and let it run for 48 hours. I assure you that I  formatted the box, thus removing all logged and collected data, after a quick look. I just wanted to see how such a setup would do in a “urban” environment. Well, looking at the results I got, i decided that infecting a computer with some sort of malaware is the dumbest thing to do if you want to have access to it: of 317 collected “personas”, only 3 didn’t have the same password for all places. Only 5 had a password that where not name, birthdate or a combination of both. A small script that scanned the conencted computers has shown that most of them (i think 280 or something like that) used a “unpatched” version of windows, that means, no update installed since january. Most of them had Windows xp with sp2, some even sp1. 20 even responded to sub7, what drove me crazy: there are still people using it? Woooowww…

The best surprise I got was the browsers listing: 23 Chrome / Chromium, 21 Safari, 17 Opera, 54 Internet Exploder and the rest all Firefox (ok, some had really ancient versions… 1.4 anyone?). From a security perspective that’s not that intersting, but from a web design perspective this confirms my suspicion that Firefox has a wide penetration in home users, just corporate computers didn’t get the memo.

Summing up: don’t infect Computer, just connect to them, it’s easy. The security problem is between keyboard and chair.

Dopo mostrare il mio Desktop su Wutzele, il notebook di iseth, ora vi mostra il mio setup dual screen sul server, AtlatniS. Eccovi le imamgini:

the dualscreen desktop

Eclipse and Nautilus

Anche se é da un poche non gioco piú molto, e da qualche mese ho quasi smesso pure con l’ultimo (WoW, loggo solo piú se servo a Iseth), ci sono due giochi che mi hanno affascinato fin dalla prima impressione. Il primo é: Assassins Creed.

Questo mi piace sopratutto per la assoluta libertá di gioco, e per il “motore sociale” molto evoluto. Su questo gioco esistono giá tomi di parcchie centinaiadi pagine, quindi non diró di piú.

Un altro gioco che voglio provare non é ancora uscito, ma speriamo non manchi molto: Mirror’s Edge.

La prima volta che ho visto il trailer mi piaceva molto il look del gioco, la prospettiva in prima persona senza essere un sparatutto, e il fatto che si facesse molto free running. Poi hovisto un intervista con uno dei sviluppatori:

La storia sembra fatta apposta per me, e anche le idee dietro al gioco mi piacciono molto. Non vedo l’ora che esca, e poi devo cercare di procurarmi una macchina capace di farli girare. Poi vi faccio sapere..

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