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Immagine originale di crotchsplay

Immagine originale di crotchsplay

This thinking applies everywhere: from penetration testing to giving a friend some advises on how to fix his model plane, from driving someone somewhere to preventing your friends from doing stupid stuff while drunk.

In many situations, in which we have to help somebody, give some suggestion, or simply interact with somebody, there are many possibilities, and some of them have obvious outcomes (at least to us). In some special cases, we KNOW we have to behave in a given way. We KNOW it’s the right choice, the right advice, the right help. We KNOW it’s the best for them, and as a consequence of that, we WANT to do that. But our subconscious, it’s not dumb. It KNOWS that another thing would bring great benefit to us personally, be it access to the small backdoor you found on the bank’s computer network, a free beer, vendetta or even just the satisfaction of being right.  Clearly we do the thing that’s best for our friend/client/other person, but, and be sincere with yourself here, does it happen that you leave some backhole, some open possibility, not knowingly, but can it be that you let some unknown that leaves open the possible evolution of the situation from which you benefit? Do we really do the BEST possible solution, or do we do the best minus something solution? How much does the subconscious influence our decision? How much does our inner egoist influence our decision? Are we really consciously controlling 100% of our decisions? I must admit that, thinking back on some of my decisions, my advises, my helps, I left some sort of hole that I knew of.. not knowingly, but without any “reasonable” explaination. Does that make me a evil person? Or is this natural? How much subconscious can we let into our decision without surrendering to it?

Hand aufs Herz: wer hat nicht mal, unbewusst, bei einem Tipp, einer Hilfe oder einem Ratschlag, ein Hintertürchen offen gelassen, dass zwar keine schlimmen Folgen hat, aber eine mögliche Entwicklung der Situation ermöglicht, in der man selber davon profitiert, und nicht nur der dem geholfen wird? Obwohl wir wussten, dass es eigentlich (erwähnte ich bereits das “eigentlich” eigentlich ein komisches Wort ist?)  auch eine bessere Lösung geben würde? Unser unterbewusstsein, unserer innerer egoist, sie beinflussen ständig unser Handeln. Aber wie sehr? Wie sehr kann man “instinktiv” entscheiden, wie wenig darf unser Unterbewusstsein mitreden, ohne das man ein Egoist ist? Ich muss rückblickend gestehen, das ich manchmal Hintertürchen offen gelassen habe.. im Moment erschien mir nicht das dem so sei, doch de facto war es so. Bin ich also ein egoist? Lasse ich mich von meinem Unterbewusstsein steuern?



Cherry blossoms by conner395

Cherry blossoms by conner395

The cherry blossoms,

Now here, and what do I do?


Progetti a non finire
Poi la fine.
Una birra.

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